About Us

Chocolate embodies the essence of the Afrocentric individual, exuding confidence, fashion-forwardness, and self-awareness, while satisfying the desires of our esteemed clients.


Established as a men’s clothing line in March 2013, Chocolate expanded its offerings to include women’s fashions in 2018. Our primary objective is to honor and celebrate the genuine and unparalleled qualities of every person we serve. From meticulously handpicking fabrics to thoughtfully crafting designs, we ensure that every garment is a testament to our dedication.


At Chocolate, we recognize the importance of embracing one's true self and cherishing individuality. Through our fabric selection process, designing, and commitment to perfection, we strive to deliver the ultimate garment that not only adorns but also accentuates the uniqueness of each individual.


Guiding our creative vision is Kwaku Bediako Oduro, our Creative Director. With his visionary leadership, we continue to push boundaries and redefine the realms of fashion, empowering our clients to embrace their distinctiveness with grace and style.